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Spectral Resonance

Sound, both its presence and absence, is a key factor in ghost stories and tales regarding the paranormal; everything from archetypal ‘bumps in the night’ to the cryptic crackling of detuned televisions, from the clanking of chains to voices plucked from the ether itself have been used to build atmosphere and tension. Yet all of these, whether ignored, misunderstood or simply dismissed, act on the conscious mind. The footsteps heard in an empty corridor are as immediate and sensate as the sight of a shrouded figure in a moonlight graveyard, the smell of putrescence rising from an opened grave or the clammy touch of a long-dead hand. What then of the sounds we don’t know we have heard?” – Extract from “AS PHANTOMS WHISPER MIDNIGHT”.

Released in support of the article “AS PHANTOMS WHISPER MIDNIGHT: A brief introduction to the study and experience of Spectral Resonance” (Available here: wp.me/a3op73-3A), this minimal infrasonic texture is intended to aid investigators in researching the phenomena surrounding Spectral Resonance and related audio edge-experiences.

Investigators are encouraged to contact mail@ordo-pestilentia.co.uk to report any verifiable phenomena caused through the use of this recording but no responsibility is taken for any damage caused, physical or otherwise, or any lingering effects attributable to its improper use.

No intentional lyrical content. Voices or other related sounds may be generated spontaneously.

TENHORNEDBEAST / SIGILLUM DEI – Even Death Knelt Before Them

Digital-only split release between these two sonic monoliths. TenHornedBeast provide an abyssal howl of lingering textures and guitar-drone whilst Sigillum Dei work their alchemistry on a short sample of THB’s original to create a fog of radium clicks and mechanical rumblings.

Even Death Knelt Before Them

Available now on the Ordo Pestilentia Bandcamp page for free stream and low-cost download.

Ehrenmal fur die Opfer der Arbeit…

SIGILLUM DEI – There Is A Father In The Sky, There Is A Mother In The Ground

Sigillum Dei’s ghost drone opus “There Is A Father In The Sky, There Is A Mother In The Ground” is now sold out at At War With False Noise and only a few copies of the tape remain in the Ordo’s vaults, so we have decided to make the track available for high-quality download on the Bandcamp site for only £3.

The download bundle also includes all twenty of the random insert images, only one of which was included with each of the tape versions.


Familiar notes on the Stars & Planets…

Sigillum Dei – There Is A Father In The Sky, There Is A Mother In The Ground

Absolute minimal drone created from restricted and restructured sound sources. Released through At War With False Noise on strictly limited cassette, now available for purchase and stream via the Ordo Pestilentia bandcamp page.

ImageSigillum Dei is a project by Gaendaal of Wraiths which builds on singular sound sources and creates something entirely new and often beautifully haunting from them. 45 minutes of minimalist textural drone bliss, a tidal ebb and flow of waveforms creating a truly haunting ambient soundscape.

Sigillum Dei – Rainbow Bridge Minimalism Compilation

Sigillum Dei contributed a track to Rainbow Bridge’s Minimalism & Juxtaposition online compilation back in July 2012. Fifty artists were each asked to submit a five minute track of minimalist sound and the label explanation outlines the rest;

“This is a compilation of minimal tracks submitted by nearly 50 different experimental artists from around the globe. These 2 to 5-layer tracks were mixed, matched and layered by Justin Marc Lloyd. Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.”

The result is a startling impressive collection of innovative works from the improvisational underground.

We thought, however, that it might be interesting to make Sigillum Dei’s original piece available.

Intentionally minimal sound content.

Digital Store Open

The digital Ordo Pestilentia store is now open, with many new and old Ordo-related items available. Now we start work on the physical store, which will include many rarities from the archives.