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WRAITHS – Plaguebearer

As with our other releases, Plaguebearer is now available as a digital download from our Bandcamp page due to the physical copies, originally released by Paradigms Recordings, having recently sold out.

Described by the label as “haunting ritual evokation of all consuming, shape-shifting blackness; electronic ritual in spectral tongue” Plaguebearer is Wraiths at their most cohesive but perhaps also at their most threatening. Eerie horns echo in from the edges as wild drums beat under leaden skies.

“Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?” – Book of Matthew 23:33

LVTHN – Empire In Flames

LVTHN’s ‘Black Lake’ is now sold out from both Ordo Pestilentia and Paradigms Recordings (but still available through the aether). If there are a few remaining in distros, we know not of them. In honour of this we’ve decided to make a recording that came from the same sessions as ‘Black Lake’, but one which eventually followed its own path to oblivion, available on the Ordo Pestilentia Bandcamp page as a free stream (or downloadable for an exceptionally fair price).


‘Empire In Flames’ sees a deviation from LVTHN’s forays into a fog-shrouded past and turns to the dust-caked present that so very nearly was. Some of the elements that make up this 28-minute track were eventually re-envisioned and pressed into service for subtle harmonics on ‘Black Lake’, but in this exclusive release they are allowed to follow their own bleak path.

“…listen carefully to these instructions, your life depends on how well you follow them…”