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WRAITHS & PYRAMIDS – Magpie & Raven

Years in the making, fraught with difficulty and still, even now, a bearer of bad blood and woeful tidings but Magpie & Raven is undoubtedly¬†the most accomplished project Wraiths have been involved in as Pyramids, under the guiding eye of R Loren, manage to snatch a fragile beauty from the filth-smeared maw of Wraiths’ vileness…


Originally released on vinyl and tape by Aurora Borealis, Magpie & Raven is now available as a digital edition.

INCLUDED WITH THIS DOWNLOAD; the original Wraiths recording that forms the foundation of the track in both its edited and 50-minute full-length versions. These tracks were created from sound samples, provided by Pyramids and subsequently played through manual manipulation of a broken tape-player.

“Come here,” he said. “And I’ll give your flesh to the birds.” – 1 Samuel 17:44.

WRAITHS – Plaguebearer

As with our other releases, Plaguebearer is now available as a digital download from our Bandcamp page due to the physical copies, originally released by Paradigms Recordings, having recently sold out.

Described by the label as “haunting ritual evokation of all consuming, shape-shifting blackness; electronic ritual in spectral tongue” Plaguebearer is Wraiths at their most cohesive but perhaps also at their most threatening. Eerie horns echo in from the edges as wild drums beat under leaden skies.

“Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?” – Book of Matthew 23:33