“Afterward one sometimes learns that one has been through Dunwich…” – HPL, ‘The Dunwich Horror’

LVTHN is a voyage into the bleak realms of mist-shrouded dark ambient. From the hollows and the hillsides, we have come…

2 responses to “LVTHN

  • T

    Long ago i purchased Leviathan’s Shrouded By Fog CDr; recently i tried to play it again and it doesn’t work anymore (media has been carefully stored and its not scratched), seems pressing was quite bad 😦

    By any chance you still have it?


    • ordopestilentia

      Hello. Shrouded By Fog was released as a limited CDr many years ago and, as far as I am aware, no copies remain. I could provide you with a digital copy, however, if you email mail at ordopestilentia dot co dot uk.

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