WRAITHS & PYRAMIDS – Magpie & Raven

Years in the making, fraught with difficulty and still, even now, a bearer of bad blood and woeful tidings but Magpie & Raven is undoubtedly the most accomplished project Wraiths have been involved in as Pyramids, under the guiding eye of R Loren, manage to snatch a fragile beauty from the filth-smeared maw of Wraiths’ vileness…


Originally released on vinyl and tape by Aurora Borealis, Magpie & Raven is now available as a digital edition.

INCLUDED WITH THIS DOWNLOAD; the original Wraiths recording that forms the foundation of the track in both its edited and 50-minute full-length versions. These tracks were created from sound samples, provided by Pyramids and subsequently played through manual manipulation of a broken tape-player.

“Come here,” he said. “And I’ll give your flesh to the birds.” – 1 Samuel 17:44.

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