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DR_1 – How Angels Fly On Burning Wings & Eternity Is The Death Of Time

Very much an outlier in the musical world of the Ordo, DR_1’s two EPs were released in our early days to little fanfare but contain some quite perfect moments of deep-space ambience and stand up even now. Both debut release How Angels Fly On Burning Wings (tracked here for a non-existent tape release) and follow-up Eternity Is The Death Of Time are now available on the Ordo Pestilentia Bandcamp for free streaming and pay-what-you-want download.

As much as How Angels Fly On Burning Wings’ slow crackles and wide bass-synths lull the listener into a zero-g stupor it is the blistering noise, rocket booster intro of Eternity Is The Death Of Time that sends them hurtling out through the solar system and off to the galactic fringes, where space-time itself starts to break down into hyperfoam and nothing.

Interplanetary, interstellar, intergalactic.

BRENNENDES GEHIRN – Epidemics Of The Modern Age

The only release on Ordo Pestilentia to not feature any musical input by label-magos Gaendaal is, sickeningly, perhaps one of our best. A dizzying, woozy journey into the kind of unpleasantly urban beats promulgated by the likes of Techno Animal and Dälek but with even more grime and detuned radio fuzz layered over the top. Voices echo from nowhere as strange rituals rumble up from the sewers.

Previously only available as in a now sold-out CD form and as stream-only, Epidemics Of The Modern Age is now available as a high-quality download from the Ordo Pestilentia bandcamp page.

Clemens Scheitz (2 September 1899 – 24 October 1980)