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Spectral Resonance

Sound, both its presence and absence, is a key factor in ghost stories and tales regarding the paranormal; everything from archetypal ‘bumps in the night’ to the cryptic crackling of detuned televisions, from the clanking of chains to voices plucked from the ether itself have been used to build atmosphere and tension. Yet all of these, whether ignored, misunderstood or simply dismissed, act on the conscious mind. The footsteps heard in an empty corridor are as immediate and sensate as the sight of a shrouded figure in a moonlight graveyard, the smell of putrescence rising from an opened grave or the clammy touch of a long-dead hand. What then of the sounds we don’t know we have heard?” – Extract from “AS PHANTOMS WHISPER MIDNIGHT”.

Released in support of the article “AS PHANTOMS WHISPER MIDNIGHT: A brief introduction to the study and experience of Spectral Resonance” (Available here:, this minimal infrasonic texture is intended to aid investigators in researching the phenomena surrounding Spectral Resonance and related audio edge-experiences.

Investigators are encouraged to contact to report any verifiable phenomena caused through the use of this recording but no responsibility is taken for any damage caused, physical or otherwise, or any lingering effects attributable to its improper use.

No intentional lyrical content. Voices or other related sounds may be generated spontaneously.