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AWWFN Bandcamp

An excellent label who’ve given Wraiths a large amount of support through the years, and now At War With False Noise have a Bandcamp page where you can stream (and buy) an increasing number of excellent releases. One of our favourites is linked below…

total proper psychedelic blow-out crescendo

Sigillum Dei – There Is A Father In The Sky, There Is A Mother In The Ground

Absolute minimal drone created from restricted and restructured sound sources. Released through At War With False Noise on strictly limited cassette, now available for purchase and stream via the Ordo Pestilentia bandcamp page.

ImageSigillum Dei is a project by Gaendaal of Wraiths which builds on singular sound sources and creates something entirely new and often beautifully haunting from them. 45 minutes of minimalist textural drone bliss, a tidal ebb and flow of waveforms creating a truly haunting ambient soundscape.