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PYRAMIDS & WRAITHS – Magpie & Raven

Years in the making, fraught with difficulty and still, even now, a bearer of bad blood and woeful tidings but ‘Magpie & Raven’ is perhaps the most accomplished project Wraiths have been involved in. Pyramids, under the guiding eye of R Loren, manage to snatch a fragile beauty from the filth-smeared maw of Wraiths’ vileness…

The final copies of both the vinyl and cassette versions are now available through the Ordo Pestilentia shop, along with an aetheric distillation. All versions come with Wraiths’ previously-unheard original submision to the project in both its edited and full-length versions. More details on the shop page.


“Come here,” he said. “And I’ll give your flesh to the birds.”
1 Samuel 17:44.

WRAITHS – Edinburgh/Glasgow Tapes Unearthed

I have found a couple, literally a couple, of these tapes in a forgotten packing case and and they are now available to buy. This edition was limited to 100 copies and sold out at source very quickly, so these are likely to be the last few available.


Alba Subterranea…

Sigillum Dei – Rainbow Bridge Minimalism Compilation

Sigillum Dei contributed a track to Rainbow Bridge’s Minimalism & Juxtaposition online compilation back in July 2012. Fifty artists were each asked to submit a five minute track of minimalist sound and the label explanation outlines the rest;

“This is a compilation of minimal tracks submitted by nearly 50 different experimental artists from around the globe. These 2 to 5-layer tracks were mixed, matched and layered by Justin Marc Lloyd. Besides light mastering, none of the submitted sounds were altered during the collaging process.”

The result is a startling impressive collection of innovative works from the improvisational underground.

We thought, however, that it might be interesting to make Sigillum Dei’s original piece available.

Intentionally minimal sound content.

LVTHN – As Flesh Turns To Stone

Another recent discovery in the Black Archives…


A previously unreleased track from LVTHN, intended to bridge the gap between Throne of Bones/Shrouded by Fog and the later era but which could never find a suitable home, now available for stream and download through the Ordo Pestilentia bandcamp page. In some ways, this is a spiritual successor to the themes initially explored in The Sea-Witch’s Lament

LVTHN – Fog On The Barrow-Downs

Buried by time & dust…


Originally released as the opening track from the Sonic Visions of Middle Earth compilation on Foreshadow Productions, we’ve made LVTHN’s ‘Fog On The Barrow-Downs’ available for stream and download through the Ordo Pestilentia bandcamp page. Featuring Gaendaal’s first, and likely only, vocal performance for LVTHN, this 12-minute piece is a requiem dirge for those who linger still in the the hollow hills.

Cold be hand and heart and bone,
and cold be sleep under stone:

LVTHN – Black Lake

LVTHN’s Black Lake is now available from Paradigms Recordings and through our own bigcartel shop.


WRAITHS may very well be familiar to you from their Paradigms debut and recent releases on Aurora Borealis, including a recent colaboration with Pyramids. With LVTHN, Wraiths’ Gaendaal conducts a harrowing descent into the darkest abyss and is here inspired by the haunted shores and murky depths of Scotland’s ancient lochs to bring forth the Black Lake.

A hypnotic, unnerving yet strangely tranquil meditation upon the horrors that drift upon the wake. 4 excursions into the unknown over 48 minutes. Presented in finely screen printed arigato pack and issued in a strict edition of 100 exemplars only.

FILE UNDER : Haunted Soundtracks / Dark Ambient.

A sample of ‘Drowned Cathedral’ is available here.

Digital Store Open

The digital Ordo Pestilentia store is now open, with many new and old Ordo-related items available. Now we start work on the physical store, which will include many rarities from the archives.